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Know about the art of gaming development by Top Gaming Development Company in UAE

Our world without software games is quite unimaginable. Be it young or old, everybody like to play it alike. IsoftHorizon is the top mobile gaming app development company in UAE.

People have been gaming since the early 1950s. Simple games and simulations were made as part of the fun in the yesteryears. The first video games came during the 1960’s, and they were non-commercial and required mainframe computers to run. These were not available to the general public either. Now online games have revolutionized the whole gaming industry by making it available anytime anywhere. One simply needs to have a smartphone or tablet to start playing.

What is game development?

Well in short game development is a software development process that has art, audio and gameplay.

But making it goes through many different phases, which is called gaming development. Gaming development refers to many aspects involved in creating a game. Its conception, from storyline to graphic design and last but not the least from programming to its release.

The development of a complete game involves 20-100 people who bear different responsibilities, including designers’ artistes, programmers, and testers.

IsoftHorizon is A Top Gaming Development Company In UAE that has been developing various gaming app from time to time successfully.

New Age Games Are Definitely A Work of Art

It is driven by a great passion that has fueled many a new young generation to embark upon their own development projects. But it has its own constrictions. To make a creative and amazing game’s concept, it has to be built upon concepts that are logical in nature and are based on sound, testable hypothesis.

Game development is dependent on a variety of software for development which are actually called engines. To give every game a realistic look, concepts from physics are applied.

ISOFTHORIZON is a top gaming development company in UAE which specializes in creating over the top style and appeal to every app it designs. Its team has been in this business for enough time to master all the development phases from its conception to its after-sales service.

We Know That the Best Games Don’t Take Too Long to Get the Players Invested in Them. 

Our developers are conscious of the fact that even the best of games can fail in the long run if they are full of bugs and get in the players’ way. So, they make sure to wipe out as many as possible while designing. We believe that unless the players regularly play our game, it’s useless to develop. So, we do Player testing as it is the key that enables to smoothen out the glitches. To deliver a more enjoyable experience to our valuable players.

There are methods that are employed for game development. One of them is agile development which is based on iterative prototyping.

Isofthorizon’s top gaming development company in UAE have catered different responsibilities to each employee, such as programming, design, art testing etc.

Development of commercial game Usually Have the following stages: Design phase It is the project planning phase, where concept is developed, and the initial stages of design production occur.

Here tasks, schedules and estimates for the development team are finalized. This is also called the production plan.

Then a brief description of the game is prepared.

Then comes concept document 

Which may also be called the game plan. It has all of the game details and information that includes games genre, description of gameplay, features, setting, story, target audience, and hardware platform. It estimated schedules, marketing analysis, team requirements and risk analysis

Then a manual prototype is made to help determine what features in the design specifics. It is sometimes done to test new ideas as the game emerges.

Then some features are sometimes added, modified or removed as required. Most algorithms and features debuted in a prototype may be transferred to the game once they have been completed. There are various technologies available for gaming development.

The Main Stage of Gaming Development Is Its Production

When the programmers write new source code, artists develop game assets, sound engineers develop sound effect, and the composers develop music for the game. During this whole scenario, the game designers continue to develop the game’s design.

Then comes game designing that is an essential process for designing the contents and rule of the game. This particular stage needs artistic and technical competence plus writing skills.

The top gaming development company in UAE has the best designers who create excellent codes for the same.

During this particular period, the game designer keeps on modifying the design so as to reflect the current vision of the game. Usually, at this stage, feature and levels often get removed or added. And most changes occur as updates to the design documents.

Next stage is programming

The programmers incorporate new features demanded by the game design and fix any bugs that might have been introduced during the development process. Programming is required to customize almost every game.

Now to create level design where the first level takes the longest to develop.  Once that is completed, other levels are developed more rapidly.

At the end of a project, quality plays the main role. So, testers are employed once anything is playable. As this is the last stage, a single game employs many testers full time to test new features. This stage is highly critical, as even a single change in a complex game may lead to disastrous consequences.

Guess what matters the most?  IsoftHorizon is the top gaming development company in UAE that looks like no other at the marketing and after-sales service.

Creating a customer persona first requires extensive market research and all the aspects of advertising like social media etc. The first step is looking at the customers’ demographics, like their average age, gender, income level etc. is the first step.

The second thing we consider is to look for. Are hobbies, likes and dislikes, and even pop culture preferences of our targeted customers.

The combination of these two allows us to get a clear picture of our target audience, which we then use during marketing.

Once the product is released in the market. Isofthorizon’s IT outsourcing consultants in UAE  keeps a tab on the after-sales services and updation of the product from time to time.

IsoftHorizon Information Technology LLC is Leading software development company that IS TOP GAMING DEVELOPMENT COMPANY IN UAE.  With years of enviable track record with highly skilled IT experts catering result-oriented and cost-competitive solutions to SMEs across UAE and Global Market.